There are no choices here at all.

Obama, once so promising, has proven a man of little backbone and no principles, unable to change anything worth changing.

He is responsible for at least 3,000 deaths by killer-drones.

The incipient American police state has continued to grow rapidly with TSA agents and drones everywhere.

There are even new portable backscatter x-rays, the ones used at airports, mounted on vans to travel up and down cities.

TSA agents are beginning to patrol the nation's highways, and they are riding on inter-city buses.

The hideous Patriot Act has not been attacked, only re-inforced.

The CIA torture international gulag remains in place, its ghastly reality not even called into question.

Obama is almost indistinguishable from George Bush, judged by his acts.

We already know that a man with Romney's background - a man who travels hundreds of miles with a dog tied to the roof of his car, a man whose hobby as a young man was to pretend he was a policeman with a blinking light on his car, and a man who made his fortune throwing people out of work and keeping his money offshore - is almost certainly psychopathic.

No matter who wins this silly election - after billions are spent on a big show and tons of advertising - the military-intelligence-security complex will go right on running things.