Hugh Segal is a man I much respect and admire, an example of a thoughtful and decent conservative.

But he has this matter dead wrong, and I am disappointed to read him acting as part of cheering section for this horror.

If we want to help Syria, we will pressure the United States and Israel to halt their damned black operations.

The Syrian Free Army is the creation of American Blackwater-types. The refuge in Turkey they use - much along the lines of what the U.S. accuses the Taleban of in Pakistan - is a U.S. creation, having pressured the Turkish government into doing so.

Israel is running arms into Turkey to keep the blood flowing. It is doing so totally illegally, of course, but then almost everything Israel does breaks international laws.

So it is, absolutely and without question, American-Israeli interference that has shed this blood.

And the reason has nothing to do with freedom or rights because as American and Israel have amply demonstrated freedom and rights mean very little stacked against geo-political manipulation of advantages.

They want Syria dismembered.

Again, if a third state wanted to arm the discontented in the United States with rifle grenades and plastique and shoulder anti-aircraft missiles, there would be hundreds of thousands ready to accept them (Haters and malcontents of dozens of descriptions), and they could cause plenty of havoc before they were brutally put down, as they would be, by American's Frankenstein military.

American did not hesitate to shoot hundreds in the streets during the various black riots in the past, and those people had no modern arms.

God, today in the United States, all you have to do to get a beating or tasered or even shot is to take cellphone pictures of the police doing something inappropriate, which they do a great deal of the time.

"A no-flight zone is a prudent, limited intervention that could tip the balance against Assad and his criminal regime."

The "no-fly" zone in Libya was neither limited nor prudent.

NATO - read the United States using others to front for it - killed hundreds of people and destroyed billions of dollarsí worth of property.

Then the rag-tag bunch they supported took over and acted like anything but a democratic government.

Today, the phrase "no-fly zone" would be included in George Orwell's great essay, "Politics and the English Language."

It is a morally foul concept like "pacification," a harmless-sounding term to cover mass murder.

And it really is important to understand that what is sauce for the goose....

There are no words you can use to describe Assad's government which cannot be applied with equal meaning and moral authority to Israel's government.

It is almost an absurd example of the emperor's new clothes to regard Israel's behavior as anything in keeping with democratic values or regard for human rights.

The total of its acts of stomping in the face of international law, its murders, theft of others' property, illegal imprisonment, torture and abuse is matched by no state other than a few bizarre places like North Korea.