Harper is such a dishonest man.

First, when you speak of Pacific trade initiatives, any clear-minded person immediately thinks of really important economies like China, Japan, and South Korea.

But that is not what this initiative is about.

This involves mainly countries which in trans-Pacific trade terms are literally insignificant, including Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Further, Harper consistently speaks in such a way that he leads Canadians to believe he is taking real initiative here, but this entire matter is an American initiative.

Again, as with his silly token deals in Latin America with micro-economies of no importance, he is simply tagging along, wagging his tale, with an American initiative.

The truth is that for America especially, these deals with such countries (most have GDPs a tiny, tiny fraction of America's) are not important economically, their real purpose is to tie these countries into a more dependent and compliant relationship with the United States in geo-political terms.

Harper so far has utterly failed to deliver on anything new and important in diversifying our trade.

Indeed, quite the opposite is the case, he is only tying us in more securely to the United States.

You really cannot be more dishonest in these matters.

Its just about as silly as his parka-clad photo-ops in the Arctic, blubbering about sovereignty when all thinking people know the only genuine long-term threat to Arctic sovereignty is the United States.

"The Harper government seems to want to make trade deals with the EU, Mexico, South American countries, China and now more Pacific Rim countries."

We do not see any real initiative where China and the EU are concerned, and those are the places offering us a better, diversified trade future.

Harper's blubbering is just a disguised way of moving to even greater lock-step with the U.S.

"What a coincidence:

"Harper passes legislation giving US Security police unfettered independent authority to pursue on Canadian soil, capture and detain any 'suspect'.

"Obama finally lets Canada 'in' on the TTP talks after being denied 12 times before."

Yes, and he does this at a time when the United States is genuinely approaching becoming a police-state.

"For those who want to live in their basements, keep right on.
For the rest of the world FREE TRADE has produced jobs and prosperity for all."

Yes, free trade with significant economies is important.

Free trade with unimportant economies is simply not important .

It's important for them, but not for us.

Classical Economics 101: it is always the smaller partner who disproportionately benefits.

The U.S. uses such deals to hamstring governments in future disagreements over geo-political and security matters.

Vote our way or your free trade privileges could be lost.

The economic value of this initiative for Canada is not terribly significant.

You don't seem to understand that basic concept.

What Canada needs is better access with economies like China, the EU, and Japan.

Harper has done nothing in that regard.