The West?

Stop the slaughter in Syria?

It is the West – in the form, at least, of the United States and Israel - responsible for the slaughter’s happening in the first place.

Those countries have dumped weapons and intelligence and money into the hands of gangs representing God-knows-what, and they are responsible for the hideous consequences.

If another country tried doing this in the United States - and there are millions of malcontents and oddballs in the United States - it could certainly get a bloody rebellion going, although, of course, it would end miserably with America's massive armed forces.

The United States has pulled this dirty trick before. One of the worst instances was Kissinger's getting the Kurds to revolt in Iraq. It ended with thousands killed and the United States cowardly leaving them to their fate, as it generally has done in such cases.

'Couldn't the author's criticisms of Russia about its relationship with Syria also be made of the U.S. and its relationship with Saudi Arabia?

'"Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry." - Julie Metz'


And how about America's relationships with Bahrain, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt under Mubarak, Pinochet, Ceausescu, Marcos, the late Shah, General Thieu, the PRI in Mexico, etc., etc.

Until we get to its relationship with Israel, one the world's most bloody-minded states and one that breaks every international law and code of behavior, yet is always supported, heavily armed, and given great privileges by the United States.

Hypocrisy indeed.

And let's not forget the million dead in Iraq, the 3 million in Vietnam, the horrors of Cambodia (caused by America's intervention toppling a neutral government - the same game it plays today in Turkey).

The entire record since WWII is one of hypocrisy, arrogance, and stupid brutality.

America has nothing to teach anyone.

For "Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution," author Timothy Garton Ash’s credit line, you should read: "Sinecure Holder at one of America's great privately-funded Right Wing Propaganda Mills."

Very little ever written by "Fellows" or “Senior Fellows” at the Hoover Institution is honest analysis, virtually all of it tending to support the imperial hegemony of the United States in high-blown doubletalk.