It's the "right time" only in the sense it serves America's need for a costly charade of multi-country support for its continuing dirty and pointless war.

How can there be a right time to exit a mission of killing and destruction against a people someone - America in this case - just doesn't like?

Again, proof of the pointless nature of this effort is that every country in NATO has had what can only be called almost token forces there and those often working under severe restrictions.

That's not how people instinctively respond to a genuine threat.

But America has such overwhelming economic and financial and diplomatic power that it is able to keep other NATO members carrying out their covering charade of coalition force while a 100,000 American killers continue invading people's homes, cutting throats in the middle of the night, and dropping bombs on families - all while assassinating innocent people in Pakistan by robot bombers.

We're supporting a gigantic extrajudicial killing operation which has no resemblance to a genuine war and has nothing whatever to do with justice or democratic values.

Your choice of words is so clearly intended to build up the image of Harper as wise statesman, but that image is so false to so many people, you only become laughable offering it.