Did you ever hear of a tyrant bully apologizing for anything?

It does not happen.

The one exonerating circumstance behind Netanyahu's bluster is this: if Israel were once to begin apologizing for its brutal acts and savage attacks on people, that's all it would be doing day and night, apologizing.

By the way, things in general are looking pretty bad for the Netanyahu gang.

Huge rallies in Israel, comparable in size to the "Arab Spring" rallies go on with millions of ordinary Israelis totally fed up with the economy and the national priorities.

Israel is a very unpleasant place to live for ordinary people with prices making many things beyond the reach.

When you buy a modest home in Israel you can spend all your spare money for every day of your life trying to pay it off and not succeed.

But good old Netanyahu pays no attention to these complaints: he's too busy threatening and bullying everyone within a thousand miles of Israel's borders, whatever those are.

At the same time, the Palestinians at long last are applying to the UN General Assembly for acceptance of statehood, as is their right.

Netanyahu's gang of thug-politicians is feverishly working on how they will respond: they definitely plan something very unpleasant for the Palestinians.

Israel's main source of immense subsidy, the United States, has actually threatened to cut down its treaty-determined contributions to the UN if the vote goes for the Palestinians.

Talk about desperate measures and the influence of the Israel Lobby.

'I would love to meet this "name withheld" their posts sure are popular. I have to say I am rather surprised by the amount of censorship the Globe and Mail has enforcing. So much for free speech.'

I don't like censorship either.

But I must say that the Globe is as liberal and fair as it gets in the mainline press on this issue.

They do leave most comments, even quite tough ones and even ones that are quite ignorant.

If you really want to see censorship, go check out comments on the Toronto Star.

They do not remove a few comments, they simply never allow them up, and do so in large numbers.

They also offer only a cramped, word-limited format.

I used also to comment in Murdoch's Times of London. Now, there again is serious censorship.

I'm sure more than half the comments submitted are never posted, and the ones that are posted are edited down. It's a bad joke.