Netanyahu is one of the world's more dangerous leaders.

He has no grasp on reality and panders to dark fears.

The US blew Iraq into a wasteland for Israel's benefit. Yet politicians like Netanyahu insist on doing that to Iran too.

Iran has attacked no one in its entire modern era.

Israel, by contrast, has attacked every neighbor it has, some more than once.

Its brutal savagery in Gaza is only not condemned more widely because the press tends to be intimidated by the false accusation of "anti-Semitism."

The best intelligence tells us clearly Iran is not working towards a weapon, but even if it is, so what?

Europe managed a long peace under MAD.

A monopoly on nuclear weapons is the most dangerous possible situation for this technology.

Many believed the US was close to using them in Afghanistan. That fear brought Britain into the pointless crusade.

Israel has a monopoly in the Middle East, and we can see the results. No willingness whatever to pursue genuine peace and no willingness to stop its long-term abuse of millions of Palestinians.

Netanyahu stands only for the forces of darkness. Peace is a word in his mouth which means only "do it my way."